Oltre il sole was born in 2010 with the aim of offering you a great variety of professional face and body treatments revisited and adapted for home use.

Your well-being is our mission , which is why we make top quality cosmetics totally Made in Italy .

Carlotta Bernardotti, founder of the Beyond the Sun brand, spends a lot of time researching raw materials and processes that allow us to give birth to exclusive, new and performing products.

The INCI of our products is formulated with ingredients that respect the delicacy and sensitivity of the skin. Your needs are a source of inspiration for our innovations. Growing together is our goal!

Our strength? The result! Every day we receive dozens of testimonials from happy, satisfied, serene women! The results are determined not only by the product, but also by consultancy :

Experience combined with knowledge of the individual product allows us to recommend the most suitable and correct personalized path to combat any imperfections.




Welcome !!

If you are here now and you are reading, I absolutely must tell you what my desire to help people feel good comes from, because Oltre il sole was born with the aim of making people feel good, like and love each other.

I never liked them very much, as a young girl I often stayed on the beach in a sarong to hide and when summer approached, the holiday period, I was terrified of having to "undress".

I was not surrounded by people who understood my state of mind, on the contrary, I was often criticized. This only hurt me, it lowered my self-esteem, I suffered.

Sad parenthesis aside, everything changed when I decided to dedicate myself to wellness .

While I was attending a pharmacy I decided to open a beauty institute, the world of cosmetics fascinated me, I started to get passionate, I studied day and night, I was thirsty for knowledge, I was curious and I was lucky enough to be able to experience everything I learned in the field: I designed protocols, active ingredients, maneuvers and experimented them with my collaborators in the cabin.

I realized I was holding gold, I absolutely had to exploit it!

Step by step I became aware of the potential that this profession had: I personally tested my "inventions" and at the end of the treatment I felt better, more beautiful, happier!

When a protocol worked, we started offering it to clients: I saw women change, shape themselves, define themselves thanks to what I had invented (the mix of active ingredients, the maneuvers I had created ..).

In short, the customer left the cabin happy, serene, new and positive .

From there I understood what Beyond the Sun absolutely had to be .

I saw in products the medicine for me and for those like me who for various reasons did not feel beautiful, safe, special.

In 2019 I decided to dedicate myself totally to my products, to the study of home protocols to ensure that every woman can take care of herself comfortably at home with the same quality and obtaining the same results that she could have obtained in the institute.

Today my customers are my muses , their problems, their imperfections are for me a source of inspiration to create extraordinary products every day that have the power to make many women feel special who like me they were ashamed to be in costume.

The most beautiful phrase I often hear is "today I look in the mirror and I am happy".

Thanks to each of you for allowing me to make my dream come true every day.

Carlotta Bernardotti


body positive

Every woman is beautiful as she is!

Our mission is to enhance and bring out the natural female beauty.

Carlotta has created a specific line of products to help women love themselves, taking care of themselves every day, because a woman who loves herself is a woman who begins to like herself, to gain self-confidence and finally feel free to be SIMPLY HERSELF!