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Brand new Fosfafluid +.

+ powerful

+ performing

+ rich

Fosfafluid + is a latest generation product, designed to eliminate localized fat and cellulite quickly and effectively.

This new enhanced formula is even more performing and rich, thanks to the presence of phosphatidylcholine, an active ingredient that helps to empty the fat cells of triglycerides and promotes circulatory activity.

But that's not all: the Fosfafluid + formula is enriched with a series of highly nutritious and protective natural ingredients, such as shea butter, horse chestnut extract, centella asiatica leaves, carrot extract , hops, sage and trigonella.

Thanks to their hydrating, regenerating and antioxidant properties, these ingredients work together to nourish the skin and protect it from dehydration. Fosfafluid + has a light and pleasant texture, which is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin soft and hydrated.

Its formula has been dermatologically tested and is safe for use on all skin types.

The 200ml pack makes Fosfafluid + practical to use and ideal for daily use.

Thanks to its quick results and its fat burning action, Fosfafluid + is a perfect product for those who want to obtain a defined and toned silhouette.


Specific References

Apply locally every evening to the affected areas and massage until absorbed.

Aqua, Cetyl alcohol, Ethylhexyl stearate, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Ceteareth-12, Cetyl palmitate, Octyldodecanol, Myristyl myristate, Butyrospermum parkii butter, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Myristyl laurate, Dimethicone, Allantoin, Imidazolidinyl urea, Lecithin, Parfum, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium dehydroacetate, Phosphatidylcholine, Propylene glycol, Tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, Aesculus hippocastanum seed extract, Centella asiatica leaf extract, Betula alba leaf extract, Chlorella pyrenoidosa extract, Daucus carota sativa root extract, Equisetum arvense leaf extract, Fucus vesiculosus extract, Hedera helix extract, Humulus lupulus extract, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract.

Fosfafluid +

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