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Kit Provacostume XXL

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"Extraordinary “last minute” shock kit – XXL version

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"Extraordinary “last minute” shock kit – XXL version

Increase the power of your treatment with our new extra-large version, designed for six intense and targeted sessions.

• Reduces the circumference
• Models the silhouette
• Leaves the skin smooth and uniform


• Lipolytic properties
• Drainage of stagnant liquids
• Ability to separate fat from localized adiposities
• Lipid reducing ability
• Does not interfere with the thyroid</p >

Inside the XXL kit you will find:
• Six pairs of revolutionary cosmetotextile leggings in polyamide, soaked in reducing-anti-cellulite active ingredients, available in one size, ML. Ready to use for an extremely professional treatment.
• Six cartene trousers, light and comfortable for a practical "sauna effect". The elastic waistband will promote comfort and movement.
• An extra-large 200 ml reducing anti-cellulite cream.

Our same powerful treatment, but with an extra dimension to ensure you can maximize your results across the six sessions.

With our "last minute" XXL bump kit, you can give a major boost on your path to a more defined silhouette and smoother, more even skin.
Prepare your body for an extraordinary change with this powerful and practical treatment."


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Kit Provacostume XXL

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